Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are some outlets/lights working in a room and some are not?

There are many things that can cause this to happen. Possible causes of this are the outlets/lights that work are on a separate circuit than those that do not work. It is also possible an outlet is bad. Some outlets and light switches wear out and simple replacement fixes the problem. You will want to check your electrical panel’s breakers to ensure there are no tripped breakers. If all the breakers are reset and on and you still can not get power to the outlet and/or light, call B & B Electric to help you further diagnose the problem.

2. A light fixture in my house is flickering, what should I do?

A flickering light could be the symptom of several problems. This should be checked. It could be a loose connection in the circuit. It could also be a problem outside your house especially if all the lights in the house seem to be flickering. In any case like this it’s best to not use the lights and call B & B Electric to check it out.

3. I have reset the breaker but my power is still out, what do I do?

In order to reset a breaker in your electrical panel, you must move (push) the breaker firmly to the off position (this resets it) and then push it back to the on position. Most people fail to push the breaker firmly past the off (tripped) position and assume it is reset. If you perform the correct reset procedure and still have no power, call B & B Electric. Breakers can wear out over time if they are tripped too frequently.

4. How does hiring a licensed electrician protect me?

In order for a licensed Texas electrician to conduct business, they must be completely insured. The electrician must have an active general liability policy, automobile policy, and workman’s compensation if he employs anyone. A license will not be renewed if these insurance policies are not in place.

5. Is my circuit or electrical panel safe?

The home’s electrical system operates like a human being’s body. Circuits and wires carry electricity throughout the home like veins and arteries carry blood to organs and limbs. Just as blood keeps the body alive, electricity keeps televisions on, computers powered, and refrigerators running. Blood cannot travel throughout a body unless its heart is pumping, and electricity cannot travel throughout a home unless the electrical panel is operating properly. The panel is the heart of an entire home’s electrical system. Without a properly functioning panel, nothing electrical in a home will work. People’s hearts can develop problems due to age, diet, and genetic reasons. Panels also can develop problems. Today, there are two brands of panels that may have major manufacturing and/or design flaws that potentially put homeowners at risk—Federal Pacific Electric panels and certain Zinsco panels. There are also millions of people today who have panels that are more than 40 years old and may no longer protect their homes from overcurrents and short circuits.

6. What size electric service is required for a home?

The National Electric Code states 100 amp is the minimum electric service required. That means it is the minimum but depending on how many electrical devices you will have, what type, their power needs and more, a 200 amp service is often needed. Don’t forget to think about future needs as well in terms of what you may add down the road.

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